Prof. Milani’s Talk and Avicenna Reception

Avicenna invites you to join us for our 6th anniversary reception!

We will have readings by authors from our Fall and Winter editions, as well as a Q&A discussion with Prof. Abbas Milani on the “Muslim Ban” and the Trump administration.

Date: Monday, April 24th
Time: 5:30 pm 

Location: Humanities House Lounge (Ng House) (Click for map)

Dinner will be provided.


The Sohaib & Sara Abbasi Program In Islamic Studies

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Check out the works that will be presented from our Fall 2016 andWinter 2017 editions.

Professor Abbas Milani is an Iranian-American historian and author, who currently serves as Professor in the Stanford Global Studies division, director of the Iranian Studies program, and research fellow at the Hoover Institution. Milani was born in Iran and taught at the University of Tehran until 1986. His expertise include Iranian politics, international security, and U.S.-Iran relations. He was a political prisoner under the Shah in the 1970s, exiled during the Iranian revolution in the 1980s, and now serves as research fellow and co-director of the Hoover Institution’s Iranian Democracy Project. He recently co-authored an article for The Atlantic with Professor Michael McFaul on President Trump’s “Muslim ban.”

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