Editorial Board

Atussa121Atussa Hamamoto Mohtasham ’18

Atussa is a junior double majoring in Comparative Literature and German Studies and minoring in Global Studies with a concentration in Iranian Studies, and the current Editor-in-Chief of Avicenna. She is interested in literary modernity across cultures, including the German, Japanese and Iranian traditions. Atussa is interested in seeing how ideas unravel and intersect across cultures. She believes that in our globalized world where the conflict of ideologies has, at times, led to devastating consequences, developing a broad set of linguistic skills and an understanding of multiple cultures opens up the way for communication, understanding and empathy.

Eva Grant ’19

Eva (Comparative Literature, Modern Languages, and Creative Writing) is an Associate Editor at Avicenna, and was the G(irls)20 Canadian Ambassador to Turkey in 2015. She also serves as Women* in Theatre’s Social Justice Director and Stanford Indigenous Feminists’ President. A fellow at the Institute for Diversity in the Arts, Eva is passionate about imaginative and analytical endeavors – be it podcasts, articles, photo-essays, or poetry – that conjure a world beyond present conditions of oppression. Flag her down on her longboard to talk road-trips, philosophy, activism, coffee culture, and her mutant cats.

Kit Raya Ramgopal ’19

Kit is a sophomore from Southampton, New York, majoring in International Relations with concentrations in International Security and Social Development and minoring in Middle Eastern Languages and Culture. An associate editor at Avicenna, she also works as a conference speech coach for the American Middle Eastern Network for Dialogue at Stanford and as the managing editor of The Stanford Daily sports section. Kit is especially passionate about politics and the conservation, and she loves to hike, surf, write, and pet dogs.

Arin MangoArin Mango

Arin is a freelance writer, editor and poet. She studied and taught French and creative writing in her native Jordan, France and America. Her work has appeared in Le Jourdain, Al-Athar and Star Jordan Weekly. Before joining Avicenna’s editorial board, she contributed to Avicenna as a writer and was featured in Stanford Radio’s Arabology: Arab Women’s Voices in Music and Literature. Be it prose or poetry, Arin sees writing as a powerful tool for discovering new possibilities; a great vehicle to journey through the winding roads of our lives and the complexities of our hearts.

Jen profile - cropeedJennifer Peterson ’18

Jennifer is a junior, majoring in History with a focus in Modern Europe. She is very interested in the political, religious, and economic history of the Middle East. An associate editor at Avicenna – The Stanford Journal on Muslim Affairs, Jennifer is also involved in Stanford in Government, Stanford Women in Politics, and Herodotus, Stanford’s Undergraduate History Journal.